Toronto Maple Leafs VS Boston Bruins.

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Over the 2017-18 season, Toronto has handled the Bruins well enough to predict a series win. With all the talent and speed from their forward group, they have been able to give Boston more than the Bruins could handle.

But, the playoffs are a completely different style of game. The Maple Leafs are a great speed and talented team, with some very willing combinations. The Bruins of the past, have been a rugged team to play, but this year, even though they do hit an awful lot, don’t seem to have the size they did in the past( like the mugging they did to Vancouver in 2011 ), and that is great for regular session, but not so much for playoffs. The playoffs still tend to be bully with skill wins over skill.

Toronto has had a great year, with numerous 20 + goal scorers. I simply believe they are tough enough to match Boston, and talented enough to beat them with skill.

This series might come down to goal-tending. Rask has been lights out for Boston. Frederik Andersen has been nearly as good for the Leafs.

This should be a fast, skilled entertaining series.

I pick Toronto in 5.

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